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Listing Services

By listing your aircraft with Stanton & Partners Aviation, our international network of serious buyers and industry sources helps ensure that you are likely to get two strong offers within the first 30 days of being advertised.

We raise your aircraft’s perceived value by:

In order to prepare an effective and targeted marketing strategy in a competitive landscape, we utilise a wealth of proprietary data to create a buyer profile and optimum ways of connecting with them. To achieve this, we research present market demands and conditions, allowing us to compare current prices with recent transactions from our network.

Your dedicated team of aircraft sales experts:

Our knowledgeable team has extensive knowledge of specific aircraft models, their capabilities, market demand and current value through their own experience and in-house information regarding recent transactions. Coupled with a trusted network of buyers, sellers and on-ground partners in different cities, this ensures that they are always ahead of the game.

Changing the Skyscape

Wanted Aircraft

Our longstanding industry relations and extensive network of clients, financial partners, operators and asset owners uniquely positions us to have access to both inventory and opportunity, across the globe.

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Our trusted global network of contacts and stellar in-house team helps us source the best aircraft to meet your needs. Often, we also have access to aircrafts that are not yet on the market, allowing you to enjoy unrivalled options.

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