In Good Hands with Proven Professionals.

We have one aim, and that is to make you know that you are in good hands. Stanton & Partners Aviation will provide you with the highest level of professionalism and microscopic attention to detail in the aviation industry. When making use of our experienced team, you will have access to the collective knowledge and experience regarding best practices, relevant research, industry resources and our own in-house knowledge and experience built up over many years. Regardless of the complexity of any issue, our team can draw upon real-life and hands-on practical experience to help you gain a competitive advantage in anything to do with aviation.

Our range of Asset Management services include:

Listing Services

Our many years of experience have given us the capability to appraise, market and execute the sale of your aircraft at the most professional level.

Our dedicated team understands the complexities and subtleties of this specialized market. We keep ahead of market indices and have built an extensive knowledge of specific aircraft models together with their capabilities, their market demand and their current values, with first-hand in-house proprietary information on recent transactions.

Our global network of buyers and sellers has become so extensive that many customers turn to us for our relationships alone. That is something to think about – our presence and on-the-ground contacts in so many different cities and countries puts us ahead of the game as soon as you wish to buy or sell your aircraft.

The key objective for us when marketing your aircraft for you is to raise the perceived value. We start by researching current market demands and conditions to devise a marketing plan for success. We compare current market prices together with recent transactions from our network, while developing a buyer profile for your aircraft, and we research the best ways of connecting with those possible buyers. This allows us to prepare an effective and targeted marketing strategy within a competitive landscape.

At Stanton & Partners Aviation, the task is not complete until we’ve consummated the sale and delivery of your aircraft. As your partner, we consider it our commitment to you to maximize the return on your aircraft investment, which makes the negotiation the most crucial element of the process. Our experience and our highly qualified team allow us to competently represent you through the contract phase to minimise your exposure to undesirable concessions or unreasonable requests. Our maintenance expertise in verifying every detail gives us hefty negotiating leverage.

Acquisition Services

Since the founding date of Stanton and Partners Aviation, we have made the experience of acquiring an aircraft very smooth for our clients, matching them with the ultimate aircraft to meet their current needs, as well as their anticipated needs.

Our search for the perfect aircraft begins not by attempting to locate it, but by interviewing you and developing a keen understanding of what aircraft is perfect for you. Even if you have owned or leased in the past, the pre-owned business aircraft market is constantly changing - there are constantly new options to consider, including some you may not be aware of. If you are new to the process, we will help you determine your needs and financial expectations for purchasing, operating and maintaining your aircraft.

We have developed a powerful network that gives us access to aircraft all around the world. We have forged relationships with trusted sources who frequently alert us before an aircraft is listed for sale or lease. We then narrow the list based on our many years of experience - not only in buying and selling, but in maintaining, managing and even piloting many types of business aircraft. We then send our technical experts to examine the prospective aircraft and conduct an in-person, on-site inspection. This part of the process is too important to trust anyone else.

From negotiation to contract structure, you can be assured that meticulous attention and strategy is involved to procure the best purchase price and to protect you during the contract phase. Our financial experts work closely with yours to structure a deal that will give you the confidence that the acquisition is properly handled. We can also assist with trade-ins, financing, legal issues, and tax considerations.

To sum up our approach, the below mentioned are just a few details we can discuss at length with you, pertaining to your specific aircraft Asset Management:

  • Understanding your Aircraft Requirements
  • Worldwide Search and In-House Analysis
  • Presentation and Comparison of Shortlisted Aircraft Options
  • On Sight Aircraft Inspection and Maintenance Review
  • LOI and Contract Phase
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection
  • Acceptance and Closing
  • Personal Flight Department Planning and Setup